How Much Does It Cost to Visit Firefly Music Festival in Delaware?

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Firefly Music Festival in DelawareFirefly Music Festival is the most popular music festival in Dover, Delaware. We read the organizers’ guide to survival, studied the feedback on the forums and roughly estimated how much it would cost to travel to the festival, which will take place from September 23 to September 26 in the United States.

You don’t have to bring absolutely everything with you. You can join some group or camp of participants. Sometimes you will have to pay about $300 to use the “basic amenities” – then you will get hot food, drinks, the opportunity to go to the shower, cook something in the communal kitchen and change clothes in the beach booth.

How much does it cost to get to Dover, DE?

If you are coming from another country – about $1,500 (the average cost of a round-trip flight from Berlin to Dover).

  • $300: Average cost of a round trip from a US city to Dover;
  • $513: Festival ticket;
  • $130: Car rental at the airport (you can rent a car + tent for four days for $800).

Food and drinks (if purchased locally)

  • $135: Fresh vegetables and camping lunches;
  • $30: Four 15-liter cans of water (organizers advise taking water at the rate of 5 liters per person per day);
  • $10: 12 packs of sports drink (helps manage dehydration and hangovers);
  • $42: Two packs of 18 cans of beer;
  • $30: Drink cooler;
  • $32: Ice (better to buy locally at $4 per pack).

Survival supplies

  • $30: Water bottle with filter;
  • $10: First aid kit;
  • $10: Sunscreen;
  • $16: Protective mask from dust and sand;
  • $10: Goggles (will protect your eyes during a sandstorm);
  • $5: Earplugs;
  • $16: Portable toilet (optional);
  • $1-5: Antibacterial hand gel;
  • $2-12: Garbage bags;
  • $13: Universal toolbox;
  • $10: Scotch tape;
  • $10: Headlamp (or regular flashlight);
  • $17: Camping lamp;
  • $10: Phone charger;
  • $30: Small can of gasoline (gas stations are few and far between).

Camping stuff

  • $100: Large sun awning;
  • $80: Camping kitchen;
  • $37: Warm sleeping bag;
  • $10: Portable shower (optinal).

Total cost: about $1,650 (depending on your needs) – if you are a US resident; $2,850 – if you fligt from another country.

5 Ways to Find Fast Cash for the Fest

More than 90,000 people come to the Firefly Music Festival every year. It is indeed one of the most visited events, but before you head to Delaware, it is worth knowing that the cost of visiting the 4-day festival is quite expensive. Unfortunately, the employer is not always ready to give you an advance. We have collected information on 5 convenient ways to help you get the required sum for the fest in a short time.

1. Online payday loan

Many fans of Firefly Music Festival admit they had to take payday loans in Delaware to afford it. Indeed, this is the easiest way to get cash till your next payday. One of the best things about a payday loan is the simple online application process. Unlike long-term lenders, they do not require collateral, paperwork or traditional credit check.

Online lending is a new way to get money quickly and easily. Usually, online services work around the clock and seven days a week and allow you to borrow $100-$1,000 in a short time. Many lenders transfer the funds within several hours. All that is needed for this is a bank account and access to the Internet.

The main advantage of this method is that you do not need to stand in queues or provide proof of income. Online lending services save time and enable you to avoid paperwork. But you must also be sure that you will be able to repay your loan when your emotions from the festival subside. Otherwise, such a loan may become very expensive.

2. Bank loan

Traditionally, a bank loan is considered a reliable method of lending with minimal risks. You can get the money both in cash via a bank transfer. At the same time, the bank provides loans for various needs.

The amounts that the bank can lend amount to several thousand dollars. Interest rates currently range from about 3 percent to 36 percent, depending on your credit score.

You should be prepared that in order to get funds, you will have to collect a lot of documents. Banks provide loans only to adults who have an identification number and income verification (pay stubs, tax returns. W-2s and 1099s, bank statements, employer’s contact information, etc.). If a bank employee doubts your ability to repay the loan, your application will be rejected.

3. Pawnshop

A fairly common way to get fast cash is to contact a pawnshop. To do this, you need to leave a valuable property on bail: antiques, jewelry, household appliances, or even a car.

Usually, the amounts offered by pawnshops for your properties are small and much lower than their real value. But interest rates are high, and loan maturities are tight. If the debt cannot be paid on time, the pledged item will be sold at an auction.

4. Private lenders

Today, the Internet is replete with offers from individuals who are ready to lend money quickly. Often these announcements can be seen even on the streets.

However, dealing with such lenders is quite risky; they often turn out to be scammers. In addition, these lenders have high interest rates and hidden fees.

Another risk is that you do not know how these people can use the received personal data.

5. Additional income

Earning extra money is also a great way to fund the trip and stay at the Dover fest. There are many side jobs to make some extra money. You can also try yourself on a freelance exchange. IT professionals, translators, designers and copywriters most often receive orders at such sites.

Although the money earned in this way is not always big, they do not need to be returned with interest.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to make money fast if you dream of visiting the Firefly Music Festival. Just choose one of the proposed methods and get the required sum. Good luck and… enjoy the fest!