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3 pm – Presentations, beginning with Keynotes

Presenters (3 PM-5:45 PM)

3:00 PM – Joyce Lee, Doctor as Designer with B & S, Design Thinkers, University of Michigan, @joyclee
3:20 PM – Susannah Fox, Health & Human Services, Keynote, @Lydia Coates
3:50 PM – Jose Gomez-Marquez & Anna Young, Little Devices @ MIT, MakerNurse, Keynote, @jfgm @annakyoung
4:20 PM – Nate Heintzman, Dexcom, Inc., Data Partnerships in Type 1 Diabetes
4:30 PM – Maria Young, Jungsoo Chang, Lauren Kennedy, Caroline Soyars & Si Long (Jenny) Tou, Global Health Design Initiative, Global Health Design Initiative: Addressing Global Health Challenges with Clinical Immersion and Design
4:35 PM – Tian Bao & Vinny Barone, Sensory Augmentation and Rehabilitation Laboratory, University of Michigan
Cell Phone Balance Trainer
4:40 PM – Ramses Alcaide & Xiaoya Ma, Neurable, neurable.comNeurable: A Brain-Computer Interface for Cognitive Assessment, @neurable
4:45 PM – Olivia Walch, Samuel Oliver & Danny Forger, Entrain,, The Mathematics of Jet Lag: Applying Theoretical Schedules in the Real World with Entrain, @oliviawalch
4:50 PM – George Albercook & Don Jones, Albercook Scientific, A Walker Hack that Stores Energy, @albercook
4:55 PM -Dianne Singer, Anna Daly Kauffman, Aalap Doshi, Jamie Rackyeft & Matthew Davis, WellSpringboard, wellspringboard.orgWellSpringboard: Patient-centered. Crowd-funded. Advancing health today.
5:00 PM – Aisling Ann O’Kane, University College London, Empowering Adults to Create Bespoke T1 Diabetes Self-Care Technology through Community-Based Knowledge Transfer and DIY Maker Culture, @aislingannokane
5:07 PM – George Albercook, Albercook Scientific, Making Physical Therapy Fun
5:12 PM – Cathy Collet, alsadvocacy.comALS, American Airlines,, La-Z-Boy, and YOU, @alsadvocacy
5:20 PM – Priya Dedhia & Christopher Altheim, University of Michigan, Rescue of Diabetes by Reprogramming of Human Intestinal Tissue into Insulin-Producing Cells
5:25 PM – George Albercook & Adam Davis, Albercook Scientific, Bringing Motion Capture out of the Laboratory
5:30 PM – Joan Martin, Patient Family, Visualizing Health Data
5:35 PM – Peter Higgins, Brett Tripp, Anna Romans, Jane Theriault & Tami Walker, University of Michigan, A Perfect Fit: 3D Scanning and Printing Custom Ostomy Wafers, @ibddoctor
5:40 PM – Reece and Olivia Ohmer, Diabetes Emoticons, Part 1
5:45 PM – Jawad Nasser, Michigan Hackers, Diabetes Emoticons, Part 2                                                                     5:48 PM – #MakeHealth Fest Organizers, University of Michigan, Closing Remarks

Exhibitors (11AM-6PM)

3D Delta Printer, Backyard Brains EKG & EMG
All Hands Active & Backyard Brains

A Perfect Fit: 3D Scanning and Printing Custom Ostomy Wafers
University of Michigan

A Walker Hack that Stores Energy
Albercook Scientific

Bringing Motion Capture out of the Laboratory
Albercook Scientific

Making Physical Therapy Fun
Albercook Scientific

Cell phone Balance Trainer (11-4pm only)
Sensory Augmentation and Rehabilitation Laboratory, University of Michigan

Diabetes Emoticons
Michigan Hackers

e-NABLE & AxisLab 3D Printing

Entrain: Lighting Schedules for Getting Over Jet Lag Quickly

Gamifying Diabetes with GameStart

Global Health Design Initiative (2-6pm only)
University of Michigan


Life-Size Cardboard Inhaler and Spacer
B and S, the makers

MakerHealth: Make Health Anywhere
Little Devices @ MIT & MakerNurse, &

Neurable: A Brain-Computer Interface for Cognitive Assessment (2-6pm only)

SubQ Assist: Developing a Task-Shifting Device for Sub-Dermal Contraceptive Implants
Laboratory for Innovation in Global Health Technology

Taking Care of Diabetes (11-2pm only)
Diabetic Events

Technology Increasing Knowledge: Technology Optimizing Choice (TIKTOC)
University of Michigan Rehabilitation Engineering & Research Center

The Professional SkillBuilder: A Web-Based Tool to Promote Clinical Skills Improvement for Medical Students (11-2:30pm only)
Learning Design & Publishing, MSIS, University of Michigan

Type 1 Diabetes (11-3pm only)
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

WellSpringboard (2-6pm only)
University of Michigan: WellSpringboard